Seriously fun digital therapeutics

Thylio is a digital therapeutic to be deployed at the planet-scale to assist people in their fights against Chronic Pain, Diabetes, Hypertension and other NCDs.

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Our solution is


Lower costs to companies, governments and individuals, easy to scale


Shorter feedback cycles between health check-ins


Health conditions can be reversed through self-motivating disease management

which solves for


Adherance to treatment regiment is demanded from patients, rather than earned

Life is messy, busy, and often challenging. Care routines do not center patient needs and conditions. In such conditions, treatment routines that demand patients modify their life to comply with the regimen often have high rates of drop out.


Lack of coordination between various care providers can lead to sub-optimal outcomes

Treatment plans often involve multiple stakeholders, for the best outcomes. The burden of contacting, scheduling and following up with various care providers falls to the patient.

Frequently asked questions

The application is under active development and is expected to be released in Spring 2023.

The general wellness version will cost users $9.99 per month. It may also be covered through your insurance. Please ask your employer to get in touch with us.

We take great care in ensuring that your private health data is protected and securely shared when required. We take steps to ensure that health data is stored on your personal device to the extent possible. Data stored by us is secured with industry leading standards.

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  • Ammar Email : ammar at svarynlabs dot com
  • Sampath Email: sampath at svarynlabs dot com